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Welcome to my site. I specialise in complex, one-off situations that have a strong impact on the company and on clients’ lives.

You can strengthen your team with my 23-year experience in business development, M&A, financing and reorganisations easily – from 2-hour consultations to clearly defined projects and transactions.

Feel free to contact me to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals on the best terms.

Daniel Marek
Director, Systemios
+421 903 263 221

Situations I work with

One-off, complex, high impact changes

Strategic transactions

Deals where you have lots at stake

• Sign strategic projects
• Get private financing
• Set up a Joint Venture
• Attract an investor
• Sell the company/stake
• Buy a company
• Merge & integrate a company
• Set up complex deals & partnerships

Achieve better results, reduce your costs and risks, save time, and simplify the whole transaction.


Growth and changes

When you want outside experience

• Improve management teamwork
• Create a new growth strategy
• Align management & strategy
• Make organisation changes
• Change behaviour patterns
• Deal with family issues in businesses
• Resolve succession/mgmt change issues
• Increase company value

Discover and achieve improvements with your company/team that you do not see from the inside.


How I work

Privately, with respect and systematically

    • First I have to understand your goals – everything you want to achieve.
    • We will review the current state of your company/team – relevant facts, processes and systemic patterns, and I will propose suitable solutions for you to choose from.
    • Based on the scope of work agreed I will prepare and do what needs to be done to achieve your goals ethically.

Each situation is different – contact me to discuss how you can reach your goals with my services.

Daniel Marek
+421 903 263 221